Art Farm

Collaborating Artists

Kent Hertz at Art Farm working on projection mapping for collaboration installation with Susan Woodford.

Universal Sisters Project~Susan Woodford

 A social media movement created in part by Susan Woodford with collaborating artists across the country including Anne Nye, Mike Fluent, and many more...

  These wearable sculptures are created as icons of strength and gratitude. The journey of each sculpture is captured photographically as each receiver is asked to to send them on.  The invitation is for the wold to see these amazing women as we see them: Sisters, Warriors, Healers 

Music Engineering & Production~ Kent Hertz

"Go Rest High on That Mountain" - Jackie Akers

Since returning home to Malvern, IA; Kent has  used his talented as an Audio Mastering Engineer and Music Producer to highlight local talent, cultivate rural artist groups, and work on non-profit programs to fund music scholarships.

Public Installation for Council Bluffs, Iowa

#unlikeanywhereelse #unleashcb

Council Bluffs, Iowa has rebranded the historic city #unleashcb; and hired ten artists to create "map pin" sculptures to be placed at tourist attractions throughout the city.  Woodford was chosen as one of the first sculptors for this community campaign.  

Audio/Visual Production~ Kent Hertz

This video features an oversized, oil painting by Zack Jones in which the painting comes to life by means of projection mapping by Kent Hertz of Cavalier Artist Group.